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So far I have used a lot of apps, but an app called Dosh that is currently new in public is the best. I’ve enjoyed using the app and l have earned some cash back on a few regular purchases I make in my area at this time the app is still pretty new, my biggest concern is how many offers are available in your area on the in-store shopping side of the app. No matter your location, you can take advantage of the travel and online shopping, but one of the impressive features of this app, in my opinion, is the in-store shopping. ong as you live in a decent sized city, you should have plenty of available offers. Again, at this time the Dosh app is still new, but I think it’s going to be a very big app that is an easy earner in the future. The Dosh App pays you cash back for your in-store shopping, online shopping, and for traveling. Overall it’s a really cool app that has several ways you can earn. It’s some kind of latest Cashback app and its Legitimate in all countries, the app is not a scam. Overall the app is pretty good, and I really like the automatic earning without having to scan receipts. With that being said, Dosh doesn’t work at all stores, so it’s a good app to use and combine with other apps to make as much cash back possible. The app actually doesn’t have any ads on it, the only thing you’ll see is the stores you can earn cashback on. They refer to these as offers.  To give you an idea of how many offers are available. I live in a city of 20,000 and right now there’re 7 participating retailers near me. So if you live in a city larger than that you should have several more offers available.

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How to make money on Dosh app?

There’re four main ways you can earn at Dosh. Thus include;

In-Store Automatic Cash Back

My favorite way to earn with the Dosh App is the in-store offers. This part of the app is location-based, so you have to visit participating stores with current offers. As long as you live in a decent sized city, you should be fine and have plenty of offers. The way this works is you link your debit or credit card (they pay a $1 sign-up bonus per card), and when you make a purchase at a qualifying store, you’ll earn cash back automatically without having to scan a receipt.

Here’s an example of a current offer:

They currently pay you 7% cash back on your entire order at Jack in the Box. Currently, some of the offers close to me are from other restaurants that pay 5-10% cash back on your entire order.

Online Cash Back

The Dosh app also provides cash back to popular online stores. Some examples are Fitbit, Ray Ban, Nike, Overstock, Toms, Callaway, and a few hundred more. Most cash back rates range from 3%-6% percent of your total purchase. All you need to do is visit the store through the link inside the Dosh app and make a purchase. You’ll earn a percentage back on your online purchase. You can see a full list of online stores available at Dosh.

Travel Cash Back

With travel cash back you can get paid to book hotel rooms and activities. Choose where you’ll be traveling and the type of hotel room you are interested in. You’ll see a list of available hotels, the price per night, and how much you’ll earn per night! I’ve included screenshots below of the process and an example of how much you can earn per night .As you can see you can edit where you’d like to travel, find a perfect hotel for you, see how much it is per night, and how much Dosh will pay you per night. This doesn’t just work in the major cities. I’m in a small town, and most of the nearby hotels are listed paying anywhere from $10-$50 per night.

Refer Friend

Dosh offers a referral program that can be very lucrative if you can get your friends to join and use the app. You can invite friends via Facebook, Twitter, Text, Email, or just paste your link anywhere you’d like. You’ll earn $5 once your friend joins and completes their first cashback whether it be in-store, online, or for travel.

 How Does Dosh Pay

Once you have $15 in your account, you can cash out via PayPal or Direct Deposit. Money should show up in your account within 2-3 business days. Unfortunately, Dosh uses another company to send payments, so the screenshot below doesn’t say anything about the Dosh app on the PayPal transaction. With that being said, I also showed where I had $16 in my account and where I requested a payment for $16 via PayPal!


  1. I’ve been hearing so much about this app, I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been using iBotta and making some good money back on it from grocery shopping, Amazon, etc.

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