If the internet wasn’t enough for the money making aficionados, smartphone applications have also stepped into this arena. Making money in 2017 has been made the easiest job on the planet even while you are sitting at home on your comfy couch. Why? Because the websites and smartphone applications which offer people easy money in return for them completing a few repetitive tasks has continued to grow over the last few years. Therefore, this year we can confidently say that there are some legit websites and smartphone applications which allow people to make easy money and also help them in saving it in the long run. So, to educate our readers about some smartphone applications which serve the mentioned purpose, in this post, we have compiled an informative list of “24 Apps that will make and Save You Money”.

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  1.   The Krazy Coupon Lady App asks you to add your location to find nearby stores while also being able to create shopping lists and be able to save deals that you find for later. With this app you can also learn new tips and tricks to become a pro couponer and also claims to cut your grocery bill in half and while you spend only about 15 minutes a week on couponing.
  2.   The Ibotta App allows you to unlock rebates by shopping these rebates and verifying your purchases through a picture of your receipt. You can also link your loyalty cards to the app. You then receive cash for your
    verified receipts. You can cash out to PayPal at $10 and receive giftcards.
  3.   The Panel App measures your location data and in exchange gives you points that you can let rack up to redeem for rewards, prizes, and gift cards.
  4.  Jingit is great because you earn actual money (that can be added to your Jingitdebit card). Simply download the Jingit app on your smart phone and log in on your computer.You can earn money from watching ads, scanning products at Walmart and even for buying those items. It is easy to transfer the money from Jingit to your debit card, and can be used anywhere a credit or debit card is accepted.
  5.    The Stock Up App wants your local grocery store prices in exchange for giving you points that will add up to redeemable cash. There is no limit on how much you can scan and therefore no limit on how much you can redeem as you receive your payments through PayPal.
  6.   The Check out 51 App releases new list offers every Thursday morning that you can check. You pick the ones that you will buy on your grocery trip and then upload the receipt of your purchases to the app. You receive money for every item that you choose, and that has been verified in the picture of your receipt. When your Checkout 51 account has reached $20, you receive a check in the mail.
  7.    The Viggle App is used to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards, electronics, movies, TV shows, music and more. You make sure that the app can hear what you’re watching or listening to and this earns you the Viggle Points.
  8.   The Shopkick App has you earn kicks just by walking into stores, scanning items, and buying products. You then redeem these kicks for gift cards or other great products like electronics, fragrances, designer bags and more.
  9.  The SavingStar App helps to take the clipping out of couponing. You select grocery store offers on the app and then go and buy the items in the store. You can link your app with your store card or choose to upload your receipt by picture. Then you receive cash in your SavingStar account and cash it out through bank deposit, PayPal deposits, and American Forests once you reach $5.
  10.  The Berry Cart App allows you to save on natural, fresh, and organic products. Review and select the listof offers that they have available. Visit the store and purchase the items that you have selected. Upload and submit a picture of your receipt verifying the purchase(s). They will deposit money into your Berry Cartaccount that can then be cashed out.
  11. The Shopmium App helps you discover products that are near and local to you. You go on the app and click on products and the app can find the nearest location to you in order for you to get that item. After buying the item and uploading a receipt of your verified purchase to the app, you receive the rebate for your item(s). (sign up with my referral code KUYGECUV)
  12.  The Shrink App wants you to discover new products. You earn cash back on first time purchases by scanning the barcodes of the items that you’ve purchased as well as uploading a picture of your receipt to the app. You earn points for every purchase and for completing activities like watching short clips, completing polls, or inviting friends to the Shrink App. You earn rewards with the points that you upload through rebates and cash. You can cash your account out to PayPal and Venmo once you reach the $10 minimum. Shrink is a cool app that gives you cash & rewards on groceries. Sign up & get $1 bonus: http://shk.io/m/Sq0aXOeLCn
  13.  The Snap by Groupon App offers the ability to find cash-back offers on the grocery items that you need. You go to the store and purchase these items and then upload a picture of your receipt to the app to receive cash back.
  14. The Inbox Dollars App allows you to search for and complete offers, get paid for reading email, and be able to discover new products. You can also check your earnings on the app as well.
  15. The Ebates App allows you to look for the products you want with a simple search. You can browse through their cashback deals and look for coupons. Then you can scan actual barcodes to see which stores have the best prices after you would receive Ebates’ cashback offer.
  16.  The Receipt Hog App lets you buy anything and then take a picture of your receipt. You get bonuses by winning at what are called the Hog Slots, you get to take surveys and get paid for them, and then you can also win free shopping trips. You earn coins, which in turn can be redeemed for cash through PayPal or Amazon Gift cards.
  17. The Stash investment App is a digital advisor that allows you to make investments based on your interests starting with as little as $5.
  18. The MobiSave App allows you to choose your offers. You take a picture of your receipt with the MobiSave app after you have made your purchases. You then get paid within 24 hours through PayPal.
  19. Fiverr App is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for services. The services start at $5 where you choose from a large community of freelancers from all over the world.
  20. Paribus App gives you the money back you would receive after a price drop. Paribus keeps track of your incoming receipts but they do not work with all online store please see the list (here) for a list of stores they do work with. They then search for discrepancies, submit a claim on your behalf and then the money goes right into your account. PARIBUS is 100% FREE NOW!
  21. SWAGBUCKS APP Earn money for watching videos on your phone. You’ll earn 2Swagbucks for every 5 videos watched. There’s a limit of 50 Swagbucks per day that you can earn per device, but that can add up quickly.
22. Befrugal.com:People these days are really after earning free coupons and valuable cash backs. If you are one of those people, then befrugal.com might well be a hidden gem for you. This cash back and coupons website offers people to sign up for free and receive $10 instantly after their signing up. Moreover, their cash back scheme is an easy three step process. Starting with the first step, users have to browse BeFrugal and choose from their thousands of retailers. In the second step, users can click on the provided deals, coupons or Shop Now button and complete their purchase. In the third and final step, the cash back is automatically added to their account and the cash is sent to them through either check, Amazon gift card or PayPal.
23.   Pact:Pact is a brilliant smartphone application that plays with two very important things in life; fitness and money. The users of this app have to set weekly fitness or health goals, i.e. they would either exercise more or eat healthy foods, and have then to set an amount they would pay other members if they fail to achieve their goals. Therefore, they track their progress throughout the week and if they achieve their goals, they get paid. If they fail to do so, then they amount is paid to another member who has achieved their goal. Quite a motivation to stay fit and earn money at the same time.
24.   PerkTV: Perk TV is a complete money giveaway system that offers numerous ways to its users to earn easy money. They offer their users Perk Points upon completion of various tasks and collections of a certain number of Perk Points are then converted into decent sums of money. This is not all, users can also make money while running errands, watching viggle.tv on their phones, playing games on their tablets, and watching perk.tv or wiggle.tv on their computers.
Now get out there to save and make you some money! What do you guys think? What ways do you use to save and make money?

Author: Sheila Johnson