Are you looking for ways to make 6 figures working from home but don’t have an idea of how you can to about it? Today we want to share a few ideas that might assist you to get a little start-up that is going to bare you more fruits with time.

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1. Teach online and for this you don’t need any qualifications. Find a topic that you are really interested in and join a website where you might be giving lessons to people on topics of your choice. These lessons could be tutorial classes for learning a foreign language or even mathematics tutorials which most people are always in need for these and even people who can be able to help people to understand new tolls of technological devices. And within a few months you would have earned more than $100 000. 
2. Publish Kindle Books – I love Amazon’s Kindle platform. As a writer, you can self-publish an ebook for nothing and still have a chance to hit it big. But it would be best to publish a few more ebooks to make things more exciting. Yes some people might earn more than you but you must focus on the price, if business is good you can even make $100 000 in 5 weeks.
3. Create a blog – Blogging might not be a quick path to riches, but it can certainly bring some more money. For example, the work at home woman profiled bloggers Miranda Marquit and Lisa Weber. Weber makes $300 000 a year from her blog about celebrity babies and Marquit has earned  between $95 00 and $120 000 a year from a few years ago. Their advice is for women to find a niche that they like, produce good content and connect with other bloggers and make it work. 
4. Sell t-shirts – yes t-shirts, there is goo business in selling t-shirts. These could be designer t-shirts, printed t-shirts or just plain, simple t-shirt that people would fall in love with. You can start as little as selling in facebook and then getting your clients to do free marketing for you and then you can move on the taking over the world wide web. It will not be a smooth ride but eventually you will get where you need to be.
5. Selling toys on eBay – this is a long shot but if done correctly, it can turn your $2 000 into $2000 000 if you are patient and committed. The idea is advantageous for people who live in big cities and they can be easily be accessed but none the less even those in remote areas should not be discouraged to try.

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