Meet The Creator Of Frugal and Pretty

Hey, I’m Sheila J!

I am the creator of Frugal and pretty, and model, photographer, cos player, wardrobe stylist, gamer girl, renaissance woman to over all sum me up and I really try to have a frugal life ( even though I really want a tesla one day.) and look pretty while doing it.

I started this site because I realized that because of my interest of coupoing it has come to my knowledge that a lot of my friends dont know how to save money. When I learned how to shop with coupons, it changed my life as we know it. It has become the very thing that I became addicted to and couldnt stop.

This blog is dedicated to being able to show others how to do the same thing as me. Saving money is one my passions!

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About Frugal and Pretty:

Are you trying to save money? It can be hard finding ways to increase your savings while still living life. Frugal and pretty is a spin off site to my original blog modelsavings.com that I started in 2014 to help models learn how to live a frugal life.