Chloe and Isabel is a fashion jewelry brand that eliminates the middle man and sells its jewelry exclusively through “Merchandisers”. Anyone can join to become a merchandiser and start earning commissions of 25% to 40% per sale.
Get started in Chloe and Isabel’s business opportunity and earn the title “Merchandiser”. The company pays you to sell their jewelry and they also offer Training, Resources, and a Mentor-Ship program to accelerate your business and help you achieve your financial goals!

The first thing you would need to do if you are interested is getting involved in Chloe and Isabel’s opportunity would be to get their Starter Kit in which includes over $700 Worth Of Fine Jewelry, A C+I 


Brand Jewelry Carrying Case, A Pay-Card (So They Can Pay You Of course), Many Look-books (also known as Catalogs), Order Forms, Wish List (s), and a Necklace Exclusive that only the members of the company have.
You also get an online office (dashboard) so you can track all your sales anytime and anywhere. You can also customize this desktop and make it more attractive to you or easier to use.
So far, the company has a lot to offer their Merchandisers
In addition, you get an online shop created with No Annual Fee’s and your Own Personal URL!
These are four ways that you would be able to make money with Chloe and Isabel’sOpportunity as a Merchandiser.
1. 25–40% Commission on ALL Personal Sales.
2. Free Jewelry Credits With Each Sale.
3. Exclusive 30–50% discounts on ALL items, at ALL times.
4. Monthly Incentive Prizes for Merchandisers and other benefits. Spending nothing — Gaining Huge Profits!


To get started as a Merchandiser with Chloe and Isabel there is a One-Time tax of only $175. This will get you the Starter Kit ($700 value of jewelry, C+I Branded Carrying Case, Exclusive Branch Necklace, Access to the Marketing Center so you are able to learn how to use the social retailing, Online Website and personal URL created and ready to be customized to your liking with no annual fee, and you will have access to Community assistance and be able to communicate freely with all the mentors for any questions or concerns or help that you may need.

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