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As is well known, college in the United States involves a significant monetary investment; it requires early savings planning on the part of parents who wish to secure a career for their young. Fortunately, although not all families are prepared to face this expense, there are forms of financial aid for students.

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Among the aids that low-income students can find, we have college scholarships or even bank loans. However over the years these last ones, more than a solution can be a problem, taking into account the interest payments.

MOS the most comprehensive scholarship package

Getting into college involves not only planning, but also extensive research into the costs associated with this decision. The paperwork for financial aid or scholarship applications can be a headache, if you do not have some knowledge about certain processes, such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

From my personal experience, I dare to share with my readers the wide possibilities that students can find through Mos banking for students. In principle, it is of great help thanks to the personalized guidance that each student can receive to know in a clear and direct way, what type of aid or scholarship is best for them according to their needs.

Mos banking for students has advisors, who help students find the financial aid and scholarships that match their interests; which is invaluable considering the large number of students with little or no financial literacy. This financial technology company offers students, the broadest and most varied scholarship plan in the United States.

In fact, thanks to Mos I have found the financial support to go back to college, without burdensome paperwork.

Find the right scholarship or financial aid for you 

As you may already know among the financial aid options students can apply for, there are grants and scholarships, considered free money; which in many cases students will not have to pay back upon graduation.  In both cases, as long as real financial need is demonstrated and academic requirements are met.

The great thing I have seen from Mos is the simplification of the processes. For example, once registered I was able to access the questionnaires that help complete your scholarship profile. You can access them through the coach or simply take them by clicking on the “take the questionnaire” option.

The answers will be Mos‘ guide to align the student with the right scholarship or financial aid option. This company functions as a large database according to the information entered by the student, will be able to match the student with the federal or state aid program that best fits their needs.

In addition, it provides guidance on other types of assistance such as student loans, work programs, among other options. This options are great help to students who have the goal of starting a college career or, as in my case, are looking for financial support to go back to college; with zero late payment fees.

Once approved, financial aid is placed on the student’s account at the beginning of each semester. In case of doubts, the student can contact his or her coach to receive more precise information.

Mos much more than scholarships

Mos banking for students is a company that offers banking services with the support of its partner Blue Ridge Bank, a Virginia-based bank. Through these services, students not only obtain scholarships but can start a savings plan and even apply for debit cards.

Mos’ ultimate goal is to keep all those who use its financial aid for students services as regular customers and allow them to manage their savings; advising them on their various banking operations. According to what Amira Yahyaoui, founder of Mos, told TIME magazine, the objective is to consolidate itself as a super financial application.

Another of the most interesting points that have led me to trust Mos is the promise of “zero interest”. The company has pledged not to charge students any interest on the grants, even after graduation.

Banking procedures without surcharges

As I have already mentioned, Mos stands out for its financial aid for students plans; but in reality, it is a company that without being a bank. It offers all its help in various banking procedures, such as the use of automatic teller machines, transfers, among other transactions for which it does not charge any type of fees.

With Mos, each client is fully protected. Both accounts and cards are insured against fraud. Accounts, for example, are insured by Blue Ridge Bank up to $250,000 and your debit card purchases are insured by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy; which means that you will not be charged any unauthorized fees.

Back to college with Mos

I have been inspired to write this article on Mos, largely because I myself have been able to have the great privilege of doing my planning by having the financial support to go back to college; which has given me the stability to be able to continue to make great strides in the academic journey.

For the month of September, I plan to return to Lesley University to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in holistic psychology with a double major in cognitive neuroscience and photography.

As you may notice, the academic load is already demanding enough to add an additional concern linked to financial sustainability; which is why I started my procedures in Mos, finding all the necessary advice to find the right financing plan for my interests in just a few steps.

Mos have managed since its inception to become that means of support for young, inexperienced people who are eager to overcome obstacles and build a secure future. In fact, it is one of the few companies in the financial sector that is committed to the reinvention of a more oriented banking system.

If it continues to expand its plans, it will not be hard to imagine Mos offering financial support for businesses, asset purchase plans, and even housing. Only time will tell. 




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