If you are looking for an online bank that will offer you an array of high quality services, then Capital One 360 is the right place for you. This bank has a few braches over the USA that look more like cafes than real bank branches. But never the less, it offers all the kinds of services that you would need at a reliable bank in a laid back atmosphere.

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Why is Capital One 360 a special bank?
Most of the people now turn to technology to get the services they need, this includes managing their money. This caused a shift in the attention given to traditional banking and created a need for a more innovative option. The Capital One 360 bank is an online bank and it offers a lot of services that are targeted to benefit everybody including youth and teenagers. The bank charges a few fees and offers high interest rates and this gives it a competitive advantage over the other banks in the USA. The bank also offers over draft friendly policies and this is makes it easy for customers to avoid the fees they would probably have to pay elsewhere.
What kinds of products does Capital One 360 bank sell?
You can pretty have everything you will need from an online bank in addition to some products that are not easily found in other online banks:
·         Saving accounts: The bank offers a lot of business, personal and kids focused saving accounts.
·         Checking accounts: You can have an account free of charge and the accounts are easily attached to debit cards.
·         CDs: You can choose an option from 0 to 60 months
·         Mortgages: The bank offers fixed and adjustable rate mortgages with a lot of interest rates.
·         Investment accounts: You can also open an investment account with Capital One 360 with a good portfolio of stocks and mutual bonds.
In addition to these products, the parent bank Capital One offers auto loans and credit cards.
What are the Capital One Cafes?
The bank opened cafes around the country where people would come have a coffee and get money consultation for free, regardless whether they are clients of the bank or not. There are cafes in San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Austin, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver and Richmond will follow soon.
Each café will have a number of ATM machines that are generally available for public use and they also offer coffee and delicious snack to all their potential clients which makes the place friendly and appealing. All the snacks are provided by local bakeries, in the bank’s attempt to focus on giving back to the community and benefiting the local market.
If you own the bank’s card you will get 50% off your drink but you can still enjoy the café and the financial advice even if you don’t.
The café aims to connect customers and financial professionals in a relaxed and laid back atmosphere.
What are the benefits of having a checking account with Capital One 360?
The checking account pays a higher interest than the national average. There is no minimum opening balance or a monthly fee. You can easily withdraw money at many of the ATMs available nationwide and deposit checks through the mobile app.
What are the benefits of having a saving account with Capital One 360?
The online rate offered by this bank is higher than other online banks. The account offers you a number of saving tools that will help you manage your money by setting and tracking saving goals. There is no monthly fee or minimum opening balance and this makes this account youth and teen friendly.
What are the benefits of having a CD with Capital One 360?
The bank offers a number of certificates of deposits that might not be the highest on the market. There is no minimum opening balance required but they actually pay pretty much what you get with a saving account and this makes it useless to have your money locked in a CD.
How good is the customer service at Capital One 360?
The bank offers a good online and digital banking experience but you can head to one of the branches for changing your contact information or printing tax statements. You can also gain access to some debit card services. There are more than 13 cafes that you can use nationwide in addition to 3 more branches to be opened soon. There you will have internet access, free coffee, financial advice and a chance to open an account.
The best thing is that the bank representatives are available on the phone and online at all times. You can easily reach them via Twitter where they would answer you even after work hours. The bank doesn’t offer the chat option just yet.
Our opinion:
We love how Capital One 360 is creating a new digital banking experience that would encourage people to engage in online and digital banking.








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