Mattress Buying –  Get The Right Mattress And Sleep Soundly

Wisely choosing a mattress is a prudent thing worth doing more so because we spend a third of our lives in bed. Comfort is paramount to getting a good night’s rest, and it makes you look forward to bedtime as opposed to having to worry about the troubles you will encounter when trying to sleep. Therefore, you need to be informed when shopping for a mattress. Below are some compelling factors that may help you make the right choice.

• Get a new one after 8 to 10 years

Most mattresses will give in to the demands leveled upon them after a decade or so of use. The change may be gradual and thus can go unnoticed. Some matters may become worn thin, and other develop lumps. Associate Professor at New York Undivert School of Medicine, Joyce Walsleben, Ph.D. suggests that mattresses be rotated and flipped periodically in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Doing this helps extend the mattress’ life.

• Research different types

When it comes to life’s luxuries, comfort is highly subjective. You may consider a particular kind of mattresses from a particular brand as the ‘crème de la crème’ only to hear of and try out another type and brand and discover you were wrong. In short, you should research the various types – from the firm to the soft and foam to know what suits you. Keep in mind that those with a high comfort score tend to cost more than their medium and standard comfort counterparts. The same applies to their durability. We have heard that Tulo get have a good reputation.

• Consider your partner too

If your partners’ preferences differ from yours, then consider getting a mattress with a split adjustable firmness for each side. Also, get the right size that fits the bed. The author of The Promise of Sleep, William C. Dement, say that size matters. A small bed shared by two can be awful if one is a person that is a restless sleeper, kicking all night or is a loud snorer. Therefore, a change in bed size may also be worth considering when shopping for a new mattress.

• Test it out

According to most consumer reports, buyers that take at least 15 – 20 minutes testing a mattress at the stores tend to be happy with the choices they make. Most mattress retailers know the importance of doing this and encourage their customers to test the products before making any purchase. So, the next time you are out shopping for a new mattress, kick off the shoes and lie down on the mattress for at least five or so minutes on your back and have a feel of what it is you about to buy.

• Check the return policy

Ultimately, you will be sure that you made the right pick after you have spent several days or weeks in bed and waking up feeling completely rested. It would be good to know that you can return the mattress if it turns out not to meet your needs. Therefore, buy the mattress from retailers that have a generous return policy (around 30 days).

Give it some TLC (Tender, Loving, Care)

Taking proper care of the new mattress is essential. It not only ensures that the mattress lives out its tenure but also keeps dust and dust mites – known allergy offenders – at bay. The best approach for this would be to use allergen-protective covers on the mattress as well as the pillows. And since frequent washing is not something advocated for regarding keeping mattresses clean, some manufacturers are aware of this and are doing their part by using innovative materials such as silver, bamboo, and copper to fend off mold, fungus, bacteria, and dust.

Author: frugalandpretty