5 Easy Ways To Lower The Cost Of Teen Car Insurance


Driving laws in the UK are extremely strict. In fact, if you are caught driving without insurance, you could be subject to a driving ban. Despite that fact, approximately 1.5 million drivers in the UK continue to drive their vehicles without insurance.

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To get around paying high insurance rates, some parents lie to insurance companies, claiming that they are the primary driver of a vehicle that is actually driven by their teenage child.


Although this may seem like it is not a big deal, it actually is against the law. This practice, which is referred to as “fronting”, can lead to major problems for drivers. For instance, if the teenager is driving the car when an accident occurs, the insurance company may decline to pay the claim, simply because the owner of the vehicle was not honest with them about who would be driving it.


Although purchasing car insurance for a teenager is expensive, there are some steps that you can take to lower the expense. Try using these tips to get a great rate:


  1. Purchase a second vehicle. Make sure that your child is added as a named driver to the insurance policy. At the same time, however, keep your name on the policy, as well. Track the amount of time that each of you spends driving the vehicle so that you won’t be accused of “fronting” if your child gets in an accident.


  1. Encourage your child to take the Pass Plus course. This class can not only make them a better driver but it can also potentially result in a discount with your insurance company. Although not all insurers offer discounts for this course, many do. Talk to your insurance company to find out if a discount is available.


  1. Look into Young Marmalade or i-kube. These innovative companies use modern technology to track the driving habits of their customers. Based on the information they gather, they then adjust the rate accordingly. For instance, if they detect that someone is a bad driver, they may charge them a higher rate. On the other hand, if someone is a consistently good driver, they may lower their rate.


  1. Don’t forget about classic ways to cut insurance costs such as increasing the excess, limiting the number of miles the vehicle is driven, installing security devices, and parking the vehicle in a secure location.


  1. Choose a car from the least expensive insurance group. Typically, compact cars with small engines are the cheapest to insure. This will help you get a cheaper car insurance premium

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